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Nutraceutical ingredients and Plant extract
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  AAKG - More details
  Astaxanthin - More details
  Beta-Alanineβ - More details
  Carnitine Tartrate - More details
  Curcumin It has remarkable effects on reducing blood fat, anti-tumor, antisepsis and anti-inflammation, anti-aging, strengthening the liver function etc. More details
  Enzymatically modified Stevia extract It is an intensive sweetener with sweetness from 80 to 180times compare to sugar. More details
  Ginkgo Biloba Extract - More details
  Grape Seed extract It can effectively remove excess free radicals from the human body and has remarkable effects on anti-aging and enhancing immunity. More details
  Green Coffee Bean Extract It has significant effects on preventing nasopharyngealCarcinoma (NPC) and controlling weight. More details
  Green Tea Extract It could reduce blood pressure, agitate heart, and improve the blood system of human body. It also has the effects of micro vascular strengthen, blood lipid reduction, liver and coronary atherosclerosis prevention; In addition, it also could purge reactive oxygen free radicals, block lipid peroxidation process and improve human internal enzyme activity so as to have the effects of ant mutation and a potential action of tumor; hypoglycemia and antithromboticpresentation and diuretic and anti-radiation. It could enhance the comprehensiveimmune ability of human body. More details
  Inulin It could adjust intestinal microorganism flora, improve intestinal health, prevent constipation; control of blood lipids, lower blood sugar, promoting mineral adsorption, inhibiting the production of toxic fermentation products, protecting liver and preventingcolon cancer, as a treatment of obesity. Inulin fiber can be blended with Stevia extract as a tabletop sugar with More details
  L-Carnitine - More details
  L-Glutamine - More details
  L-Isoleucine - More details
  L-Leucine - More details

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